Ouvrage Maginot du Hackenberg - Veckring

  • 61 bis grand rue
  • 57920 Veckring
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  • Site web : maginot-hackenberg.com
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Hackenberg Maginot Fort à Veckring 

The giant of the Maginot Line fortifications has 10 km of tunnels and 17 combat blocs covering an area of 1,6 km2. You will be able to discover the installations of the period of the period presented in working order, ranging from the eletric power plant to the artillery turret via the ammunition storage area and the barrack with their  kitchens and infirmary restored to their original state. During the guided tour,visitors are transported through the fort over long distances by the original small electric train. A signposted footpath takes the visitor on a tour of the entire site from the outside. Warm clothing advisable (cool temperatures throughout the year) 

61 bis grand rue 57920 Veckring France

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